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neilpang f66a29d1c3 fix 5 months ago
neil dbd3881cea
Merge pull request #4515 from HRHDaniel/domain_conf_debug
Domain conf debug
6 months ago
David Schramm a570fda1cb prevent whitespace splitting 6 months ago
neil dcdbe2fbb8 fix 6 months ago
neilpang 42a5cd961d fix 7 months ago
Markus Hoffrogge 70f4cad2ca Fix Retry-After handling
- closes #4543
7 months ago
neil ce629e8e70 fix typo 7 months ago
neil 20cfc4ac66 fix 7 months ago
neilpang cb8b341fb4 fix 7 months ago
neilpang 982c54b605 fix 7 months ago
Markus Hoffrogge 15f96b7239 Fix to handle LE overload status 503 appropriately
- LE HTTP response status 503 is not an error, it must be handled via sleep and retry
- s.

fixes #4530
7 months ago
dharp 05a2eb3df4 add additional debug statement for DOMAIN_CONF 7 months ago
neilpang a5fbf3fb80 fix format 8 months ago
neilpang 3cf8f78745 fix format 8 months ago
neilpang 59dab6eac7 fix
8 months ago
neilpang c2344f3717 add log for doh
8 months ago
neil c2ad1b4e46
Merge pull request #4448 from PMExtra/feature/curl_fail
curl return fail if HTTP errors
8 months ago
PMExtra a5b04a0328 ensure `curl --help` backward compatible 8 months ago
neil 015a9b9271 fix notify 8 months ago
neil b99c998057 fix 8 months ago
neil 6c0a7144f6 fix 8 months ago
neil bf50fce5bd fix 8 months ago
neil a2c64e79ff fix for openbsd 9 months ago
PMExtra 7154c9ee5d improve `curl --help` predication 9 months ago
PMExtra 057c95bd1c improve `wget --content-on-error` condition 9 months ago
PMExtra 0cafc00c4f append --fail-with-body argument to curl if supported 9 months ago
neil 75d2898efd
Merge pull request #4441 from plummer86/bugfix/_wget_out_fix
Fix assignment: _wget_out
9 months ago
plummer86 764a4c99fa Fix assignment to _wget_out 9 months ago
neil a2af26635f use ecc cert 10 months ago
neil 63869deeb2
Merge pull request #4091 from PMExtra/feature/ssh_scp
Refact ssh hook to use deploy config, support scp and support specifying port
10 months ago
neil a19f7481b2
Merge pull request #4410 from kirisakow/patch-1
Trim trailing slash in `--home` argument's value from the get-go to avoid that subsequently created paths contain two adjacent slashes in the middle
10 months ago
Kiril Isakov 264b9819ff
Replace the BASH parameter substitution mechanism (unsupported by sh) with standard commands (supported by sh) 10 months ago
Kiril Isakov 9f942a6b65
Trim trailing slash in `--home` argument's value
# What's expected

Since in `` path strings are concatenated with a hardcoded slash in between, the left operand must never end with a trailing slash for the resulting path to be valid. Otherwise, obviously, the resulting path will have two adjacent slashes in the middle and will not be valid.

# What actually happens

Even though I cannot tell for each of the input params, I know this for sure for the the `--home` argument's value.

If I run `` with `--home` argument's value being a path ending in a trailing slash,

```sh ... --debug ... --home /some/path/ ... -d ...

I get the following (distinct) occurrencies of resulting invalid paths containing two adjacent slashes:

[...] Using config home:/some/path/

[...] DOMAIN_PATH='/some/path//'

[...] _CURL='curl --silent --dump-header /some/path//http.header  -L  -g '

[...] The domain key is here: /some/path//

[...] _CURL='curl --silent --dump-header /some/path//http.header  -L  -g  -I  '

[...] Your cert is in: /some/path//

[...] Your cert key is in: /some/path//

[...] The intermediate CA cert is in: /some/path//

[...] And the full chain certs is there: /some/path//


# Suggested fix

Trim trailing slash in `--home` argument's value from the get-go.
10 months ago
neil ec0e871592 Use ec-256 as default key length
10 months ago
neil 7a756ebc4d start v3.0.6 10 months ago
neil c9a55f395b fix doh
11 months ago
neil 1c16931e26 add Le_Next_Domain_Key for tlsa
12 months ago
Adam Tao 666c716bda Fix error during saving conf
There might be '|' in __val (e.g., SYNO_Password), which will cause that
all content of the conf file is cleared. Fix it by escaping '|'

Signed-off-by: Adam Tao <>
12 months ago
neil be477d7ae3
Merge pull request #4259 from Mon-ius/master
fix a issue, when profile not end with newline
12 months ago
neil f8ca6d9833 fix 12 months ago
neil dbab519004
Merge pull request #4252 from agowa338/agowa338-patch-1
Fix missing HTTP_HEADER for _get with wget
1 year ago
neilpang d761bdc1b1 minor, just indent usage 1 year ago
Klaus Frank 41dbf1ddac
use _contains instead of grep 1 year ago
neil dd207e1f02 fix 1 year ago
Klaus Frank c2a7e384ba
Fix linting issue 1 year ago
Klaus Frank 4a8b35ef5f
Merge branch 'acmesh-official:master' into agowa338-patch-1 1 year ago
neil 0a47f48191 fix 1 year ago
neil 8601267b90 fix 1 year ago
Klaus Frank 864315f6d1 Use literal space
Replace [[:space:]] with " "
1 year ago
Klaus Frank 713b7338ea demultiplex wget debug output 1 year ago